Understanding the Rules Controlling Your Life
Understanding the Rules Controlling Your Life

Understanding the Rules Controlling Your Life

Being in control of your life is important to you. It defines how successful you feel in your life. In this age, what you and I call daily life is very different to what our grandparents and even parents called daily life. Everything now, feels so much more complicated than ever before.

The more we grow as in the human species, the more we learn about ourselves and push back the restraints on what we can achieve. In this same way, you too change in complexity as you grow older and you gain a better understanding of the world you live in.

Have you ever noticed that despite all the latest developments in science and technology, the human race has not really progressed much on the psychological side of things This difference in outside development verses personal development can also be seen at an individual level.

You are blessed with the constant and never ending desire to explore and learn new things. Your mind is at its best when it is learning something new. I know that you can remember a time when you felt really nervous about learning new things; something that you thought was complicated at first. With time and practice, it got easier until one day you could do that task without thinking.

Maybe it was something like learning how to drive, you were faced with learning something new and had to learn the rules that would enable you to master driving. What did you do? You could have gone out and bought every book you could find on driving and learn the rules off by heart. But that wouldn’t have made you anymore capable of driving a car.

Its only when you decided to do something different and save up for driving lessons with an instructor that you actually started to understand the rules of driving and learnt how to apply them practically.

This approach applies to most new situations that you have faced in your life and will face in the future. In order to understand something you first have to learn the rules. Then in order to master that subject you have to practice those rules and understand them for yourself and see the results. The more you practice the basic rules of driving the better you usually become and soon after you have mastered the basics, you are taught more complicated things like positioning the car etc.

The difference with human experiences is that usually before you have learnt the basics in a particular area of your life you decide you have enough experience to move onto more complicated things. So before you have learnt the basic rules about what you want in your life and the reasons behind it, you are off trying to achieve your dreams without actually taking the time to figure out what you need to do first in order to get there.

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